Thrush In Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

Yeast Infection No MoreThrush is a vaginal yeast infection that seems to occur more in pregnant women due to pregnancy producing higher levels of estrogen.  The higher levels of estrogen results in glycogen (a form of sugar) to be more present in the vagina. Sugar feeds yeast so it’s the ideal environment for thrush to grow.

Thrush in pregnancy is common but can also be common on the nipples and inside the baby’s mouth during breastfeeding. This can be because it has been passed on to the baby during delivery if you had a yeast infection at the time and also because thrush thrives in moist warm places. The nipples can easily be infected if the baby has thrush in her mouth, especially since the nipples are often moist due to feeding and breast milk leakage.


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Symptoms Of Thrush In Pregnancy

  • Itchiness, burning and soreness.
  • White thick cottage cheese like discharge without odor
  • Pain during sex

Symptoms Of Thrush When Breastfeeding

  • Cracked nipples
  • Deep, shooting breast pain when feeding
  • Itchy, red or burning nipples
  • May also have vaginal thrush

Symptoms Of Thrush In Baby

  • White patches on the sides of the mouth (inside) of cheeks.
  • Soreness with baby crying during feeds, sucking on a bottle or dummy.

If thrush in pregnancy occurs there are a number of over the counter antifungal creams available. There are specific creams available to use if you have thrush on your nipples. There are also a lot of natural remedies to try which are much more appealing to mothers. Anything natural must be safer for baby. Both baby and mother must be treated to avoid passing it back and forth.

Because thrush in pregnancy is so common it can be hard to get rid of with the usual antifungal creams. Thrush tends to reappear due to the right environment for it to breed during pregnancy. If these creams become ineffective try taking probiotics in the form of a capsule or powder. Probiotics restore the good bacteria that help fight off yeast. Natural yogurt contains good bacteria such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus. This makes it perfect to take as a food but can also be applied directly to the nipples which is soothing and safe for baby. Coconut oil is another natural antifungal that is particularly soothing to sore cracked nipples and is safe and has a nice flavour for baby when breastfeeding.

While eliminating thrush it’s best to wash all breast pumps, dummies and any toys that baby may suck on. This is best done in boiling water. Always wash hands before and after every feed. If thrush is present on the nipples do try to air them without a bra on and keep them dry as much as possible.

Thrush in pregnancy is never pleasant but along with treatment there are a few other things to try.  Only wear cotton underwear and fabrics that breath. Don’t wear skin tight clothing and try sleeping without underwear until the infection is gone. Avoid any scented products such as perfumed soaps or feminine hygiene sprays as these may cause irritation. Teatree oil is however good as it is an antifungal. I use teatree oil soap and find it to be very good. One last thing, change out of wet swimming or gym gear as soon as possible, the damp moist conditions help thrush to thrive. 

Yeast Infection No More