Symptoms Of Yeast Infections And How To Prevent Them

Cure Yeast Infection FastThe symptoms of yeast infections can be mild or severe, you may have only a few of these symptoms or you may have many. Either way the symptoms of yeast infections are embarrassing, uncomfortable and extremely irritating.

The most obvious symptoms and the most common would be the extreme itchiness in and around the entrance to the vagina. This may start out as mild and gradually increase to an extreme itching that leads to soreness, burning, swelling and redness of the vagina and vulva.

The vagina can then become very sensitive and tender to any contact and in some cases may even bleed.

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An abnormal vaginal discharge is another obvious symptom of a yeast infection. The discharge is usually thick and whitish in colour with a texture similar to cottage cheese but does not typically have an odour or smell to it.

Pain or discomfort during sex is also a symptom along with pain or a burning sensation when urinating.

There are quiet a few things you can do to prevent the symptoms of yeast infections with the major one being addressing diet issues. Since yeast or Candida thrive on sugar it makes sense to starve it of this food source. Research has shown that women who eat a lot of sugar or honey get more yeast infections than women who eat less. Eating sugar raises the amount of sugar in the blood stream, which provides a perfect medium for yeast to thrive. For some women, even the natural sugars in fruits and milk can be a problem. Sugar is only one food that provide the right conditions for yeast to thrive. Processed foods especially white flour and white bread are especially bad. Try brown wholemeal bread or brown rice instead. Alcohol, junk and preserved foods are also a no-no.

Only wear cotton underwear and avoid tight jeans, leggings and lycra type shorts. At night don’t wear any underwear at all to let things breathe.

Don’t douch or use any feminine hygiene products as this changes the natural PH of the vagina making it easier for infections to take hold. Just mild soap and water is the best thing to use.

When using the bathroom it’s best to wipe from front to back to prevent any bacteria from the rectal area entering the vagina.

Always avoid any scented or perfumed soaps, bubble baths, sprays, deodorant pads or tampons that can aggravate the vagina in any way.

It’s best to use sanitary pads rather than tampons during a period and make sure to change them often.

Change out of wet swimsuits and sweaty exercise gear as soon as possible.

Have warm baths rather than hot ones.

Antibiotics are known to cause yeast infections as they help the fungus grow by killing off any good bacteria that keep yeast at bay. It is a good idea to use a probiotic if you have to be on an antibiotic to help rebalance the good bacteria in the gut.

People who are taking birth control pills or steroids may be more susceptible to yeast infections as well as people who suffer from Diabetes, Aids or Cancer. Stress is another factor that can trigger a yeast outbreak.

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