Symptoms Of Thrush Can Be Caused By Antibiotics

Cure Yeast Infection FastAntibiotics are extremely important when fighting off infections but unfortunately they weaken our immune systems and we are left with the symptoms of thrush. Our immune systems will usually be able to fight off an attack of a cold or flu by themselves as they are normally viruses and not infections, but often we are prescribed antibiotics.

Antibiotics attack the natural balance of the body by killing off the friendly bacteria. Antibiotics are designed to target bacteria, the problem is they kill off all bacteria, good or otherwise. Our body needs this good bacteria to digest food in our intestines and maintain a healthy balance. If this balance is disturbed by taking antibiotics the yeast is allowed to grow and overpopulate resulting in a yeast infection. Antibiotics means anti (against) biotics. Probiotics means pro (for) biotics.

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Thrush or yeast infections are caused by a yeast like fungus called Candida Albicans. We all have a small amount of yeast naturally occurring on our bodies but this can be allowed to multiply into numbers that produce all the nasty symptoms of thrush.

Symptoms of thrush include:

  • Itching
  • Swelling, redness and burning sensation
  • Pain when urinating
  • A rash and soreness
  • Pain when having sex
  • A thick white lumpy discharge resembling cottage cheese

If you really have to take antibiotics then it’s best to start eating natural plain yoghurt straight away. This will give you a good dose of natural acidophilus which keeps the healthy bacteria in the gut going. If we have a healthy dose of good bacteria it helps to keep the yeast from growing. So if we counter combat the antibiotics that kill off our good bacteria with at least 1 cup of yoghurt per day, if not more, then we should be able to ward off a yeast attack.

Another option is to buy acidophilus in a tablet, capsule or liquid form. These are known as probiotics instead of antibiotics. Probiotics are also available in powder form making it easy to take by mixing it into juice or water. Probiotics are the good guys responsible for restoring the good bacteria that our bodies need after a course of bacteria destroying antibiotics. Antibiotics are a wonderful medication but only taken when needed. Everyone whether infected by yeast or not should also supplement their diets with a good probiotic when taking antibiotics.

Yoghurt is an easy food to take. It goes great with breakfast cereal or fresh fruit. It’s a wonderful addition to smoothies and a great accompaniment to curries. Because it’s cheap, readily available and tastes good, there’s really no excuse not to include this wonder food in your every day diet and combat yeast attacks. If you really dislike yoghurt then you must take a probiotic as mentioned above.

The symptoms of thrush such as the burning and itching can be relieved and soothed by directly applying yogurt to your vagina. It is very safe and effective to also insert it internally by using a syringe or perhaps a baster. A tampon dipped in the yoghurt and left in overnight can really help. Even though you can purchase probiotics, yoghurt is so much cheaper and just as effective.


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