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Reviewer: Cate Laker

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How To Cure CandidaI have personally purchased this product for myself and cannot recommend it highly enough. This is the ultimate book in ridding yourself of any type of yeast infection permanently. I loved it! It was comprehensive and the support attached to the product in the way of emails was fantastic. I never felt like I was dealing with this problem on my own, in fact it’s like having private consultations every step of the way. Not only did I totally eliminate yeast infections but my energy levels and wellbeing were a wonderful bonus. Now that I’ve experienced this level of good health I’m never going back to feeling like that again. I thank Ryan and Dean for such a great program.

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How To Cure Candida And Yeast Infections is an e-book developed by Ryan Shea and Dean Boukaras who were so ill themselves from Candida that they almost died. They have over 30 years of experience in the health industry between the two of them. They combined their knowledge and came up with this revolutionary new program that not only saved their lives but also over 13,342 people worldwide so far.

They explain how serious Candida or yeast is and how it can kill you the longer you live with it in your system. It can spread through the body and attach itself to organs. It becomes a parasite and can lead to many health problems including leaky gut syndrome. The scary thing is that a leading oncologist has stated that yeast is always present in the tissues of cancer patients leading him to believe that yeast can actually be the cause of cancer.

Ryan and Dean’s team consist of expert nutritionists, medical and nutritional researchers and consultants, men and women who all formerly had Candida themselves. Through personally experiencing the devastating effects themselves they became committed to finding the ultimate cure to permanently eliminating yeast infections. They had suffered symptoms such as chronic brain fog, depression, anxiety, chronic sinusitis, severe allergies and poor immunity. Most people don’t realise these symptoms are directly caused by yeast invasion.

They spent over $35,000  and 5 years of research on every possible cure available until the came up with the most effective permanent cure  for not just yeast infections but practically everything.

The program includes 2 e-books. The first book is the full guide of 181 pages that gives you a complete description discussing everything and the second book is a shorter guide of 62 pages which is brief and aimed at those who don’t want details and just want the solution. I would say read both, it’s always good to be informed as to why you are getting yeast infections in the first place not just the cure.

Along with these two e-books you get 9 bonus health ebooks including 1 on 1 unlimited email support for as long as you need it. You get to ask any questions and get them privately answered to make sure you’re completely satisfied. There is also a members area with a great FAQ section that has many of your questions answered by previous buyers of the How To Cure Candida and Yeast Infections book.

Another fabulous bonus is that when a new updated edition is released you get it for FREE!!  A weekly health magazine “Best Health Ezine” is also emailed to you weekly.

On top of everything else you get a 100% 8 week money back guarantee. If you don’t completely eliminate Candida they will give your money back. You can’t possibly lose. The information that you will learn is priceless. Not only will your overall health improve beyond your expectations but you are given great support the whole way through and will save money on useless treatments for the rest of your life.


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