Cure Male Yeast Infection Naturally

Most men are stubborn creatures and tend to be a little bit impatient also. That’s why an ebook explaining indepth lifestyle changes just isn’t gonna cut it for most men. So guys, these two products used together will work but it’s important to read the articles on this site to get an understanding about why you have a yeast infection in the first place.

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Yeast infections are not just limited to women, unfortunately men are just as vulnerable. When you understand what a yeast infection really is it’s easy to see that it’s best to cure male yeast infection naturally.Yeast infections are not sexually transmitted diseases usually but a good percentage of men will get symptoms if they are with an infected partner and have unprotected sex. For this reason it’s a good idea for both partners to seek treatment to avoid passing it back and forth. Men that are uncircumcised seem to be at higher risk but not always.

The symptoms include an itchy rash on the penis accompanied with soreness, tenderness and a whitish discharge. Yeast infections love warm moist dark places so it may present itself around the rectum, underarms or between toes.

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A yeast infection is caused by a group of fungi called Candida Albicans which is the most common of the yeasts. Candidiasis is also known as thrush. As humans we all carry a certain amount of yeast within our bodies but it is controlled by our natural good bacteria and our immune system. Yeast naturally occurs on our skin, mouth, throat, gut, vagina, anus and around any damp moist skin folds.

If our immune system is weakened then the yeast organisms are allowed to thrive and grow resulting in a yeast infection. There can be many causes including stress, illness, bad diet, taking steroids or antibiotics. Women can also be more at risk when they are pregnant, having a period or taking birth control pills.

There are over the counter and prescription antifungal treatments that can be very effective but if you find your symptoms are recurring then the way to cure a male yeast infection is naturally.

Starting with diet. There are many foods that disturb the natural balance of the gut resulting in the yeast multiplying and presenting itself with all the nasty symptoms we’d rather avoid. Yeast loves sugar. Eating sugar raises the amount of sugar in the blood stream which provides a perfect medium for yeast to thrive. Other foods to avoid are processed foods, white flour, white bread, milk, alcohol, refined foods, junk food and vegetable oils. If we limit these foods in our diet, we starve the yeast and find a cure.

To cure a male yeast infection naturally, diet is just part of the plan. There are many foods that help as they are natural antifungals such as coconut oil and garlic. Yoghurt is wonderful but is has to be plain natural yoghurt that contains live natural cultures called Lactobacillus Acidophilus. These are friendly bacteria that help control the growth of yeast in the intestines.

Vitamin B vitamins are essential for a weakened immune system so it’s good to eat wholemeal bread (not white), brown rice (not white), sunflower seeds and lentils. Zinc is wonderful for the immune system so eat sardines, pumpkin seeds and eggs.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great antifungal that can be taken internally (2 teaspoons to a small glass of water daily) or applied diluted to the affected areas. You can add it to a bath of warm not hot water. Add 2 cups but let the water just cover your groin area and sit for about fifteen minutes.

Of course there are a few other practical things that can help such as not wearing underwear when you go to bed to let things breathe and only wear cotton underwear otherwise. Make sure your underwear is not tight and don’t wear tight jeans or trousers. Don’t use any scented or perfumed soaps or sprays and change out of any wet swimsuits or gym gear as soon as possible.

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